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Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Technical Report

December 2018
No.120  Special Issue on Mathematical and Numerical Analysis
September 2018
No.119  Special Issue on Welding and Joining Technology
March 2018
No.118  Special Issue on Materials Characterization Research
December 2017
No.117  Special Issue on New Materials
September 2017
No.116  Special Issue on Bar & Wire Rods
July 2017
No.115  Special Issue on Civil Engineering
March 2017
No.114  Special Issue on Fundamental Materials Science and Engineering
December 2016
No.113  Special Issue on Construction Products
April 2016
No.112  Special Issue on Mechanical Engineering
March 2016
No.111  Special Issue on Rolling and Cooling
September 2015
No.110  Special Issue on Plate
July 2015
No.109  Special Issue on Iron and Steel Slag
March 2015
No.108  Special Issue on Steel Sheet for the Better Human Life (Application for Electric Appliances, Structurals)
February 2015
No.107  Special Issue on Steel Pipes and Tubes
July 2014
No.106  Special Issue on Titanium and Specialty Stainless Steel
December 2013 No.105  Special Issue on Railway

Nippon Steel Technical Reports (before Oct. 2012)

The Nippon Steel Technical Report was first published in 1911 as the Steelmaking Research Association News, and while the title, editor, and publisher have changed over the years, a total of 394 issues have been published since its inception.
Leading-edge research and development is presented in special features by field and product in compact and easily readable technical papers.

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