* Stainless products in accordance with facility characteristics are manufactured and sold by two companies:
Titanium and Specialty Stainless Division of Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation and Nippon Steel & Sumikin Stainless Steel Corporation
NSSMC-NARTM :Speciality Stainless Products of Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation
NSSCTM:Stainless Products of Nippon Steel & Sumikin Stainless Steel Corporation

Characteristics by Category


Specialty stainless steel with excellent workability and fatigue strength meets severe functional requirements of automobiles.

Specialty stainless steel is widely used in automotive parts that require high strength, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and oxidation resistance. NSSMC specialty stainless steel that is higher in strength and workability is supplied as the material for automotive parts, and the product contributes to improving performance in engines and exhaust systems. In addition, lighter-weight automobiles made possible by the use of thinner metal parts helps improve fuel efficiency to contribute to global environmental preservation.

Construction and building

Stainless steel Shapes used in environments where corrosion resistance is required, such as water gates and water treatment facilities

In environments where corrosion resistance is required, such as water gates and water treatment facilities, stainless steel is being increasingly used to realize maintenance-free management. NSSMC provides hot formed stainless steel shapes, and these are widely used in environments where corrosion is severe.

Power plants

Highly heat resistant stainless steel that can be used even in harsh environments such as thermal power generation and steel manufacturing equipment.

Highly functional, special stainless steel is used in severe high temperature environments such as thermal power generation and steel manufacturing equipment. Special stainless steel with a unique composition, developed by NSSMC, exhibits outstanding heat resistance and high temperature corrosion resistance even in hard environments, and is used in various types of power plants and similar applications.

Electrical appliances

Clad steel sheets produced by roll bonding of different materials realize new functions.

The pot set inside IH rice cooker is an example of applications of clad steel sheets, which are produced by roll bonding of stainless steel and other different materials and widely used in the containers in electromagnetic cookers. NSSMC uses its original technology to successfully compress stainless steel and aluminum into clad materials. Stainless steel sheets with exceptional IH (electromagnetic induction heating) characteristics and aluminum with outstanding thermal conductivity are applied to obtain the excellent characteristics of both materials. Clad steel sheets, produced by incorporation of the good characteristics of each material, realize high functionality and are used in various applications such as electronic devices and consumer products.

Electronic devices (circuit boards)

Stainless steel with outstanding workability for precision patterning, to achieve high integration of electronic devices.

To achieve thinner and more highly integrated electronic devices such as smartphones, it is essential to have materials with outstanding flatness and workability. NSSMC provides stress relief (SR) materials with superior sheet thickness precision and flatness, and the ability to reduce curb deformation after patterning.

We also supply stainless steel sheet for precision patterning, featuring a refined crystal grain, to enable a flatter patterning surface and improved patterning precision.


Stainless steel based on SUS304 steel which realizes nonmagnetism through increased nickel content.

By starting with an SUS304 steel base, and moderately increasing nickel content and other added components, we have realized steel with workability and corrosion resistance as good or better than SUS304 steel, while realizing a low relative permeability after working. This outstanding magnetic characteristic is used in applications such as motor covers.

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