Six strengths we can be proud of

We work and create together with our customers. This helps us greatly to be strong.

1 Our high credibility We fulfill our promises and respond sincerely.

2 Our advanced technologies We, the top patent recipient in the steel industry, have distinctive high-end products.

Exploit new function of steel

  • Steel that is easy to transform and process
    (1,180 MPa ultra high - tensile - strength steel with high formability)
  • Anti-corrosive steel(anti-corrosive galvanized steel SuperDymaTM*)
  • Steel that enables efficient use of energy and other resources
    (Boiler tubes for ultra supercritical boilers)

Exploit new uses for steel

  • Application technology that makes use of steel(Hot press technologies, 3DQ technology, pressing technologies NSafeTM*-FORM)
  • Technology for predicting performance
    (New analysis techniques for automotive corrosion simulation)
  • Technology that assesses performance (drop impact test)

Exploit the principles

  • Technology for control of metallic structure, crystal construction,
    or alloy constitution

Exploit various materials other than steel

  • Titanium alloy that is light in weight,
    highly corrosion resistant, and easy to fabricate
  • Semiconductor mounting material that reduces rare-metal requirements (Copper bonding wire EX1 *)

* Recent prizes received

NSSMC Named a Top 100 Global Innovator in 2017 for Sixth Consecutive Year

3 Our product quality We have high-grade products of consistent quality, backed by our on-site manufacturing strength.

4 Our global reach We can supply the product in need, anytime and anywhere in the world.

as of March, 2013 About 9 million tons + About 10 million tons as of March, 2014 About 19 million tons

5 Our wealth of experience and achievement We have been dedicated in steelmaking for 100 years, growing together with Japan's manufacturing industry.

6 Our solution capability We integrate diverse technologies to provide a comprehensive solution.

“Steel products performance” to be improved Diverse distinctive properties of steel materials. + “Forming technology” to make the best of steel materials. Optimaizing performance and forms + “Joining technology” to make structures Joining methods for use of specific materials in specific parts

Develop and commercialize high-technology products