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Japan's largest manufacturer of tinplate, Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal employs technology developed over many years in the manufacture of high-quality and highly functional tinplate products.
With strict quality control at each stage, from selection of the base material to finishing, we take pride in the manufacture of products for a diverse range of applications.
We assist customers in reducing product weight with ultrathin tinplate, and in reducing environmental impact by eliminating the painting process through the use of laminated steel sheet.

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Electrolytic Tinplate(PDF 1.76 MB) Link to PDF Files

The formation of an Fe-Ni alloy layer gives this nickel-electroplated steel sheet excellent coating adhesion (workability) and corrosion resistance, and selection of the Ni coating thickness and surface finish give better heat resistance.

SUPERNICKEL Nickel Coated Steel Sheets(PDF 2.62 MB)Links to PDF files

TINFREE STEEL(PDF 3.25 MB) Link to PDF Files

Tin Mill Black Plate(PDF 4.83 MB) Link to PDF Files

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