Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal steel plate contributes to improved safety of structures and higher customer productivity by supplying highly functional products manufactured with advanced technologies such as TMCP.
In shipbuilding applications, the company has received high praise for such highly functional steel products as high-strength steel plate for large container vessels (EH47) and highly corrosion-resistant steel plate for oil tankers (NSGP™-1).
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal steel plate products are also used widely in a range of fields such as offshore structures, and in energy applications such as energy plants and wind power generation.



  1. 1. Higher yield strength than conventional steel (constant yield strength irrespective of sheet thickness)
  2. 2. Greater ease of fabrication and welding than conventional steel, eliminating preheating in some cases, and enabling reducing preheating temperature.




    Yield strength

    500 or more

    700 or higher

    Tensile strength




    Not required


    Charpy test

    Test temperature(℃)



    Absorption energy (J)

    100 or more

    100 or more

    Test direction

    Perpendicular to direction of rolling

  3. 3. Charpy test conducted perpendicular to rolling direction; any plate design direction.
  4. 4. Improves ease of welding and cold fabrication, etc.; improves formability in manufacturing

Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal estimation results: 3-span continuous composite, 2 main girders (maximum span 60m)

  • • Reduction in total construction costs: Maximum reduction of approximately 10%(using SBHS500)
  • • Reduction of steel weight:

    Using SBHS500: Approximately 7% reduction(relative to SM570)

    Using SBHS700: Approximately 15% reduction(relative to SM570)

Examples of use

Tokyo Gate Bridge (Japan)

The use of SBHS reduced total weight by 3% and total construction cost by 12% (estimates by MLIT).

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Nagata Bridge (Japan)

First use of Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal's SBHS high yield steel plate for bridges after this steel was covered by JIS.

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  • Weathering Steel COR-TEN™ with high tensile strength has overcome rust, which is the weakest point of steel, in a unique manner, by actually using rust.
  • When COR-TEN with bare specifications is left in the atmosphere, rust occurs first in the same way as ordinary steel, but dense protective rust forms on the surface of the steel due to the action of the alloy element over time, inhibiting the later development of further rust.

Weather resistance

  • Since COR-TEN has excellent weather resistance, it can be used without any coating.
  • It provides not only the economic effect of a reduction of recoating cost, but an aesthetic effect with sedate color of protective rust.

Coating property

  • The coating film has a long life, and the recoating cost can be reduced.


  • Welding is easy using any method of manual welding or submerged arc welding, etc.
  • Spot welding is also possible for thin materials.


  • COR-TEN can be subjected to cold working, hot working, and gas cutting in a similar way as ordinary steel with the same strength level.

Aging of rust


COR-TEN exhibits a yellowish appearance in the initial stage of use, and the color gradually changes to brown. Then, as it sits in its surrounding environment, the color changes to a sedate blackish brown in one to two years. Then, the color changes very little once again, but only to a deep brown.

Examples of use

Hokkaido 100 Years Memorial Tower (Sapporo)

1973 (four years elapsed)
1991 (22 years elapsed)
2007 (38 years elapsed)

Sanbo entrance bridge (Sakai)

Two months elapsed
One year elapsed
29 years elapsed


Superior weather-resistance in environments other than those covered under the JIS standards for weather-resistance.

Two types of nickel-added high-performance weathering steel are available to suit various environments and performance requirements.

  • Weather Resistance
  • Small-scale exposure testing

Current guidance for application of JIS weathering steel to road bridges in Japan

(Ministry of Construction Public Works Research Institute, Steel Club, Japan Bridge construction Association)

  1. 1. Airborne salts ≦ 0.05mdd (mg/dm2/day)
  2. 2. Measurement of airborne salts in the following regions may be omitted.

All other than the chemical constituents are covered by JIS weathering steel.

  • As with JIS weathering steel, a range is available for tensile strengths of 40 - 60 kilos.
  • As with JIS weathering steel, mechanical properties are guaranteed.
  • Steel plate sizes are similar to those for JIS weathering steel.

Comprehensive provision of utilization technology

  • We will provide comprehensive utilization technology for fabrication, and we develop high-strength bolts and special nickel-added welding materials for high-performance weathering steel.

Provision of technology for utilization of weathering steel

Applications for weathering steel require greater safety and security in minimum maintenance levels, and technology for a total solution.

  1. 1.In addition to the conventional windborne salts, the effects of temperature, humidity, and sulfates are considered in forecasting corrosion and wear of steel plate.*
  2. 2.The amount of corrosion in the first year is measured, and the corrosion environment is quantified using "Wappen test pieces."
  3. 3.Development to control initial streaming rust along with surface treatments (supplementary additives to stabilize rust)
  4. 4.Development of surface treatments with consideration for the landscape (colored)
  5. 5.As diagnostic equipment for management and maintenance, the RST (Rust State Tester) has been developed for rapid and simple measurement of the environmental protection functions of rust films and applied membranes.

* Awarded the 2005 Japan Society of Civil Engineers Tanaka Award (technical papers section)

Examples of use

Hokuriku Shinkansen, Hokuriku Highway Overbridge (tentative title)

Client: Japan Railway Construction Public Corporation (currently, the Rail and Transport Organization)

Location: Niigata Prefecture, Japan Bridge format: Concrete and steel pipe beams (4 primary), and piers

Weather-resistant grade for steel: V15 Surface specification: Treated with rust stabilizer additive


Steel Plates


ABREX (English / Español)

ABREX (English / Chinese)


S-TEN Technical Document -Sulfuric Acid and Hydrochloric Acid Dew-point Corrosion-resistant Steel

Steel Plates for Offshore Structures

Solution for Offshore Oil and Gas

List of Awards

Product name Year of award Name of award
High-strength steel for shipbuilding applications EH47 2006 Nikkei Superior Products and Services, Nihon Keizai Shimbun Awards for Excellence, Nikkei Newspapers Award
2007 Okochi Memorial Production Prize
2009 Monozukuri Nippon Grand Award, Excellence Prize
2011 Japan Institute of Metals, Technical Development Award
Corrosion-resistant Steel for Shipbuilding Applications NSGP-1 2007 Nikkei Superior Products and Services, Nihon Keizai Shimbun Awards for Excellence, Nikkei Newspapers Award
2011 Ichimura Industrial Award, Contribution Award
2011 Monozukuri Nippon Grand Award, Excellence Prize
2011 Japan Institute of Metals, Technical Development Award
High-Arrestability Surface Layer Superfine Particles (SUF) Steel for shipbuilding HIAREST 1998 National Invention Awards, Invention Award
High-Fatigue-Strength FCA Steel 2003 Society of Naval Architects of Japan Award
2004 Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation, Osaka Branch, Osaka Excellence in Invention Award
2004 Japan Society of Materials Science, Technology Award
2004 Japan Institute of Metals, Technical Development Award
2009 Ichimura Industrial Award, Contribution Award
2010 Science and Technology Award of the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Development Section
2012 National Invention Awards, Japan Economic Federation, Chairman's Award for Invention
Ductile 60 Kilo Class AFB steel 2000 Japan Institute of Metals, Technology Award
2002 Japan Industrial Promotion Association, Kihara Promotion Award
2002 Ichimura Industrial Award, Contribution Award
Fire-resistant Steel for Building Applications 1990 Mainichi Industrial Technology Awards, Main Award
1992 Architectural Institute of Japan, Accomplishment Award
1993 Architectural Association of Japan Award
Cu Precipitation Hardening Low Pre-heating HT780 Steel (for Akashi Kaikyo Bridge) 1998 Japanese Society of Steel Construction, Promotion Award
Corrosion-resistant Hot-dip Zinc-coated NAGP Steel for Kiln Applications 1981 Ichimura Industrial Award, Contribution Award
Nickel-added high-performance weathering steel 2000 Ichimura Industrial Award, Contribution Award
2009 Monozukuri Nippon Grand Award, Excellence Prize
Sulfuric Acid and Hydrochloric Acid Dew-point Corrosion-resistant Steel S-TEN 2003 Nikkei Superior Products and Services, Nihon Keizai Shimbun Awards for Excellence, Nikkei Newspapers Award
2007 Ichimura Industrial Award, Achievement Award
Highly Weather-resistant COR-TEN Steel 1964 Federation of Economic Organizations, Chairman's Award
2012 Ohara Art Gallery Award
HAZ Fine-Grained Titanium Boron Steel 1986 Ichimura Industrial Award, Contribution Award
High HAZ Ductile Steel HTUFF® 2003
Japan Institute of Metals, Technical Development Award
2004 Ichimura Industrial Award, Contribution Award

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