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In pipe and tubes, Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal boasts an integrated system covering the entire process, from development to manufacture and marketing. Based on the collective strengths supported by this system, the Company is meeting diverse customer needs in a wide range of market sectors.
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal leads its international competitors in high-grade pipe and tube for the energy industry. It develops highly-deformable pipe and tubes for pipeline applications that are able to withstand use in extremely low-temperature environments.
The company also leads the world in its unique high toe angle piercer technology for seamless pipe and tube with superior high-temperature strength and resistance to corrosion for applications in oil and natural gas extraction, power generation, and the chemical industry.
We are also involved in the development of products based on fabrication of high-grade pipe and tube for automotive and construction machinery applications. The company has established manufacturing bases in China, Southeast Asia, and India to satisfy market requirements for light-weight and simplification of manufacturing processes, and to meet customer procurement needs at manufacturing bases.

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U-shaped ribs

These ribs disperse the stress concentrated on the root of the pole, reducing the load.

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Soil-surface anti-corrosion

Special paint prevents the corrosion of poles at the soil surface.

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Stepped steel tube

Pipe and tubes for housing foundations Products characterized by efficiency, gripping force, and aesthetic qualities, brought together in cement, soil, and steel.

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