In pipe and tubes, Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal boasts an integrated system covering the entire process, from development to manufacture and marketing. Based on the collective strengths supported by this system, the Company is meeting diverse customer needs in a wide range of market sectors. Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal leads its international competitors in high-grade pipe and tube for the energy industry. It develops highly-deformable pipe and tubes for pipeline applications that are able to withstand use in extremely low-temperature environments. The company also leads the world in its unique high toe angle piercer technology for seamless pipe and tube with superior high-temperature strength and resistance to corrosion for applications in oil and natural gas extraction, power generation, and the chemical industry.
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These ribs disperse the stress concentrated on the root of the pole, reducing the load.

Photo: Yoshimoto Pole Co.,Ltd.

Examples of use

There are many examples of the use of lighting poles on the Hanshin and Metropolitan Expressways.


Special paint prevents the corrosion of poles at the soil surface.

Photo: Yoshimoto Pole Co.,Ltd.

Examples of use

Metropolitan Police Department signal pole

Rigid-base signal pole


Poles for protective netting against balls

Photo: Yoshimoto Pole Co.,Ltd.

  • Small diameter, strong pipe and tube (high-strength, fine diameter, thin wall)
  • Assembled on site. Pipe end shrunk or enlarged on site for assembly.
  • Compact and easily transported.

Examples of use

Chikuma Soccer ground in Nagano Prefecture

Yamagata Shonai Ground

Characterized by efficiency, gripping force, and aesthetic qualities

Large steps (dents) formed in a regular way are effective; a "stepped steel tube."

Stepped steel tubes manufactured on a rolling line

The Stepped Steel Tubes developed by Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal in 2005 unite cement and soil with steel.

Major characteristics of this product

  • Since steps are formed simultaneously when a steel tube is rolled, conventional and costly secondary processing is not necessary.
  • Large steps (dents) formed in a regular way greatly enhances gripping force.
  • Its unique appearance (various painting and coating are possible) and its texture cause it to be widely applied to various forms of support mechanisms, such as handrails, as well as for decorative materials.

The frictional force and gripping force are high, and the pull-out force becomes tripled.

Example comparing the wall panel strength of stepped steel tubes
Example comparing the wall panel strength of stepped steel tubes

Steps can be formed in any shape.

Pipe and tube is hot-rolled, permitting steps in any desired shape. Special stepped rolls (patent pending)with projections are provided on the pipe and tube rolling line to form steps (dents) at a constant pitch in the rolling process.
Surface treatment, such as galvanizing, is also possible.

Example comparing the wall panel strength of stepped steel tubes
Stepped steel tube manufacturing method

Major application examples and reference pictures

It is widely applicable to wide and low-rise buildings(three stories or lower),such as houses, condominiums, dormitories, welfare facilities for the aged, and retail stores.

Example comparing the wall panel strength of stepped steel tubes

Reference picture of the construction of stepped steel tubes (photos provided by Travers Corporation)


(Regarding shape) Can a shape other than steps be formed?

A Use of the hot rolling process permits some shapes. Please submit your questions on each problem.

Specification data

Outer diameter 34.0mm - 165.2mm
Thickness 2.8mm - 9.5mm
Step dimensions (pitch) 100mm - 300mm (adjustable)
Step dimensions (depth) 2mm - 15mm (adjustable)
Step dimensions (width) 20mm - 50mm (adjustable)
Shape of the steps Parallel, oblique, and alternating steps in a right-angle direction to the shaft
Steel types 35 k steel, 40 k steel (equivalent to STK400); high-strength steel
Surface treatment Galvanizing, highly corrosion-resistant coating, resin lining

In addition to stepped tubes of 76.3 φ and 114.3 φ at the start of manufacturing, we provide a lineup of tubes of a larger diameter of 139.8 φ and 165.2 φ, along with those with a smaller diameter of 48.6 φ, as massproduced materials.


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