Welded light gauge steel H sections

Welded light gauge steel H section manufactured by Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal smartly copes with various design and processing needs

Welded light gauge steel H section is H-steel manufactured continuously from a hot-rolled steel strip by high-frequency resistance welding. It features thinner plate thickness and more accurate crosssectional dimensions compared to a hot-rolled H section.
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal, a top manufacturer of welded light gauge steel H section, meets the needs of various fields including prefabricated housings, temporary housings, structural steel frames, pre-engineered buildings and hothouses, and supports advanced structures through our reliable quality


1. Freely specifiable dimension to meet various design needs.

More than 60 standard dimensions within the following manufacturing range are available, enabling a variety of design needs to be met.
We can also manufacture steel H section in dimensions other than standard dimensions.

Manufacturing range
H Min. 80.0 Max. 450.0
B Min. 40.0 Max. 200.0
t1 Min. 2.3 Max. 6.0
t2 Min. 2.3 Max. 12.0

2. Excellent cross-sectional performance 2 for realizing economical design.

Welded light gauge steel H section is between 20 and 30% lighter than hot-rolled H section (rolled H) for the same crosssectional performance, thus realizing economical design.

3. High dimensional accuracy 3 for reduced processing cost.

Because the plate thickness is thin and the dimensional accuracy is high, the product is suitable for shear cutting and hole punching, making it optimal for automated processing lines.

4. Quality of base material and welds for ensuring high reliability

The base material used is hot-rolled steel strip which is optimum for high-frequency resistance welding and is manufactured using the sophisticated technology of an integrated steelworks.

5. Highly durable welded light gauge steel H section.

We also manufacture welded light gauge steel H section which uses highly durable hot-dip zinccoated steel strip (Z27 stipulated in JIS G 3302).


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  • Quality of weld
  • Examples of applications of welded light gauge steel H section
  • Standard cross-sectional dimensions and cross-sectional properties

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