NSSMC Celebrates 50 Years of business partnership with the Robroy Group in the U.S.

Jun. 23, 2017

Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

NSSMC Celebrates 50 Years of business partnership
with the Robroy Group in the U.S.

Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation (NSSMC) and Robroy Industries, a manufacturing and sales company of PVC coated rigid metal conduit in the U.S., recently celebrated 50 years of business partnership at a ceremony at NSSMC’s head office in Tokyo. The ceremony was attended by 25 people from Robroy, Sumitomo Corporation, and NSSMC, including Mr. Robert McIlroy, CEO of Robroy Industries and Steve Voelzke, President of their Conduit Division.

Robroy manufactures and sells of PVC coated rigid metal conduit for industrial use in the U.S. Thanks to their high quality evaluation of NSSMC’s small-diameter cladding tubes, NSSMC has shipped about 250,000 tons of tubes – the equivalent of 1.2 times around the world – over the past 50 years.

Mr. McIlroy, CEO, sent the following message to NSSMC for the ceremony:
“We believe Robroy’s core products, PVC coated electric welded tubes, have penetrated well in the U.S. market due to their high quality, which we have been emphasizing all the time. We owe a lot to NSSMC. NSSMC has supplied high-quality tubes to us for many years. Thank you very much. During 50 years of business partnership, we have faced various challenges, but we have jointly overcome them, based on our relationships of trust. Having reaffirmed such relationship at the 50-year ceremony, I sincerely hope that our great relationship will continue and expand over the next 10, 20, and 50 years.”

Sumitomo Corp. has been engaged in inventory management and Kanban just-in-time shipment of the steel tubes supplied by NSSMC, since 50 years ago when the business with Robroy began.

NSSMC and Sumitomo Corp. will continue to enhance the quality of steel tube products and conduct reliable delivery management, to ensure a further long-term and stronger relationship with Robroy. 

【Outline of Robroy Industries】
 Business activity:
Manufacturing and sales of electrical products such as PVC
 coated conduit, fittings, and accessories; Non-Metallic
Enclosures; and galvanized elbows, couplings, nipples,
clamps and accessories
 Location:10 River Rd., Verona, PA
 Number of employees:
Approximately 200
 CEO:Robert McIlroy

50-year Celebration

Visit to the Kashima Works by people from Robroy

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