Anti-Corrosion Processing with Titanium Foil Is Adopted for a Steel Lighthouse for the Japan Coast Guard

Mar. 31, 2017

Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation

Anti-Corrosion Processing with Titanium Foil Is Adopted
for a Steel Lighthouse for the Japan Coast Guard

Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation (NSSMC) and Nippon Steel & Sumikin Anti-Corrosion Co., Ltd. (NSS Anti-Corrosion) are promoting expanded application of titanium in marine structures, taking advantage of the metal’s high corrosion resistance and prospect for life cycle cost reduction combines with extension of the usable duration of social infrastructure.  

Prevention of corrosion by using titanium foil has been adopted for the first time. On a trial basis it will be used for improvement of maintenance and durability at the Kaketsuka Lighthouse in Shizuoka Prefecture, a facility of the Third Regional Coast Guard Headquarters. This lighthouse, constructed in 1897, is subject to a harsh corrosive environment. It has a white round shape made of steel in its top part and a lower part made of concrete. It has been repaired many times to maintain its historically-valuable structure, which uses steel sheet and rivets. This time, a method to apply titanium foil to edges of steel materials and metal surfaces at points where the form of the metal changes, where there is potential for problems related to paint durability, was adopted for renovation. This method enables complete blockage of intrusion of deteriorating or corroding agents such as saltwater, and thereby restrain corrosion of steel materials. This results in improvement in corrosion resistance, a longer life (over 50 years) of a lighthouse, and life cycle cost reduction. 

Kaketsuka Lighthouse after construction

Titanium has distinctive features such as being lightweight, strong, and highly corrosion resistant. NSSMC and NSS Anti-Corrosion look forward to contribute to building a safe, reliable, disaster-resilient social infrastructure, by providing products that contribute to life cycle cost reduction and the extension of product lives in the marine engineering and various other fields.

Project outline
-Lighthouse signage: Kaketsuka Lighthouse in Iwata
 City, Shizuoka Prefecture
-Construction site: 65 m2
-Construction completion: January 2017

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