Dividend  Policy                                                         日本語

  • Consolidated dividend payout ratio target: around 20~30%
          • We will raise the targeted payout ratio from the current around "20-30%" on a consolidated basis to "around 30%" to be applied to FY2018 onwards.
  • Factors to be considered to return the profit to shareholders include:
    • capital requirements for investments to raise corporate value,
    • our performance forecast,
    • consolidated and non-consolidated balance sheets.
  • The level of the first-half dividend is determined based on consideration of interim performance figures and forecasts for the full fiscal year performance.  

Dividend of FY2017

Dividend of FY2018

NSSMC is unable at this time to establish reasonably accurate earnings estimates for FY2018 due to several factors, including the uncertainty of price trends for primary raw materials and steel products. We has not determined a dividend distribution plan for fiscal 2018 due to the inability to establish reasonable earnings forecasts. The dividend distribution plan will be disclosed when it becomes available.

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