Efforts Toward Safety and Health Management

In keeping with the corporate philosophy that “safety and health are the most valuable factors that take precedence over all other things and they are the basis that supports business development,” Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal has been improving its occupational safety and health management system (OSHMS) and making a safe and secure workplace.

Creation of a workplace which is disciplined but has a comfortable and friendly atmosphere with the company, business partners, and group companies working with a sense of unity

We strive to create a disciplined but comfortable and friendly workplace atmosphere through open communications, enhanced education programs on safety and health, and support for the safety activities of group companies and our business partners.

Reducing disaster risks to zero

Specific measures taken are to identify more risk factors, seek for more safety of equipment even when essentially safe, and take more countermeasures against human error.

Group-wide sharing of effective measures

We are sharing effective examples of accident-preventive measures and those based on analysis of actual accidents.

Making work and workplace environments more comfortable and improving the physical and mental health of our employees

Regarding health management, besides improving healthcare counseling for employees, we make efforts for early detection and appropriate actions in the area of mental health. As to measures against asbestos, We have taken steps in accordance with laws and regulations, and completed the shift from asbestos to alternatives, except for those areas without the risk of exposure by the end of FY2009. Moreover, we offer consultation services to our current and former employees to discuss their health concerns and will continue to deal with asbestos issues in an appropriate manner.

 Presentation by small groups on safety and health management  Presentation by small groups on safety and health management  Presentation by small groups on safety and health management
 Presentation by small groups on safety and health management
Risk Taikan (Experience-based) Education Program
 Risk Taikan (Experience-based) Education Program

Frequency Rate of Lost Worktime Accidents
Accident frequency rate

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