Awards and Commendations from External Organizations

Awards received in FY2015 (in chronological order)

Award name Sponsor Detail
Partner Award NHK Spring Co., Ltd. Contribution to development and commercialization of new materials under cooperation with the company’s R&D division to respond to needs for hollow and lightweight stabilizers for automobiles (NSSMC)
The New Applications Award in the category of “The Best New Technology” International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) Contribution to the first large-scale application of the film lining construction method with NSSC270, seawater-proof stainless steel having excellent corrosion resistance and Life Cycle Cost (“LCC”) evaluation, used at airport facilities (Nippon Steel & Sumikin Stainless Steel Corporation)
Low Carbon Model Company of the Year 2015 China Reduction of greenhouse gas by use of its core technology for waste-to-energy power generation facility and its waste gas treatment system (SBE, a fully owned subsidiary of Nippon Steel & Sumikin Engineering Co., Ltd.)
Good Design Award 2015 Japan Institute of Design Promotion Restoration Public Housing [Kamaishi-city Kaminakajima Restoration Public Housing, Phase 2] was completed at a site owned by NSSMC in Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture, in a short construction period and at low cost by taking advantage of steel’s properties and new methods. A creative design facilitates residents and other neighbors to interact and thereby helps to regenerate the communities. (NSSMC, Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate Co., Ltd.)
Prime Minister’s Industry Award [Quality Management Division] Thailand Achievement in continuous enhancement efforts in safety, sales, production, quality management, human resource development, etc., based on the company-wide total productive maintenance activities (Siam United Steel)
Global Partner Award Royal Dutch Shell plc Excellent capabilities in product supply, product development, and making value-added proposals (the only pipe and tube company so recognized) (NSSMC)
Excellent Partners Meeting 2015 ECO-VC Gold Award (6th consecutive year) Panasonic Corporation Contributed to Panasonic’s first attempt to reduce the number of molds, sheet thickness, and number of design processes for the under-frame component of LCD TVs (NSSMC)
Sixth Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award, METI Minister’s Award Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) Development of NSSC2120, the world’s first high-performance dual phase stainless plate that consumes less stainless steel and is useful for social infrastructure (Nippon Steel & Sumikin Stainless Steel Corporation)
Top 100 Global Innovator in 2015 (4th consecutive year) Thomson Reuters Innovative R&D activities and outstanding intellectual property activities for many years (NSSMC)
Nikkei Excellent Products & Services Award 2015 “Award for Excellence, Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun Award” Nikkei Inc. HRX, stainless steel designed for high-pressure hydrogen environments, for its contribution to reduction in construction cost and enhanced maintainability and safety of hydrogen stations, which are essential for the realization of a hydrogen-oriented society (NSSMC)
Japan Institute of Energy Frontier Award 2015 (Technical Division) Japan Institute of Energy 7% nickel steel, that requires less nickel than before, for LNG storage tanks; to be adopted at the No. 1 Senboku Terminal of Osaka Gas in Sakai (NSSMC)
2016 Commendation by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Development Category for Science and Technology) (10th consecutive year) Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Development of a multi-function integrated converter method to realize mass production of eco products (continuous processing of dephosphorization, slag-off, and decarburization by one converter instead of two previously) (NSSMC)
2016 Business of the Year Award Georgetown-Scott County Chamber of Commerce, Kentucky, U.S. Contribution of International Crankshaft Inc., U.S. to the community since its operation began in 1992
62nd Okochi Memorial Production Special Prize Okochi Memorial Foundation Development of cast-method non-adhesive type Copper Clad Laminate (2-layer CCL) and enhanced production process (Nippon Steel & Sumikin Chemical Co., Ltd.)
2015 Excellence in Value American Honda Motor International Crankshaft Inc. in the U.S. was selected as one of 27 suppliers with outstanding contributions in quality, delivery, and value out of around 650 suppliers

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