Internal Controls and Risk Management System

NSSMC resolves the Basic Policy concerning Internal Control System at its Board of Directors and stipulates its Basic Rules for Internal Control for establishing a system for internal controls and risk management.

  1. NSSMC establishes an annual plan on internal controls and risk management and acts accordingly.
  2. It regularly confirms the status of internal controls and the risk management system through the Risk Management Committee, chaired by the executive vice president in charge of Internal Control & Audit.
  3. Each division of the Company designates a person in charge of risk management, while each Group company designates a person responsible for risk management. This is to encourage each division and company to take initiatives and share information about risk management among the Company and Group companies through regular meetings and other means.
  4. NSSMC regularly checks the Group-wide status of internal controls by establishing measures to check and supervise matters related to internal controls and risk management.
  1. NSSMC has set up a whistleblower system—namely, the Compliance Consulting Room within the Company and  a specialized agency—as a conduit for communication, to handle risk-related concerns among Group employees, staff of purchase agreement companies.

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